Florida Title Insurance Rates and Quote for Title Insurance

Florida Title Insurance Rate Quote and Florida Escrow Agency Service: Title insurance premiums are regulated by the state of Florida and are based on the ‘per thousand’ loan amount and/or purchase price. There are other fees in your Florida title insurance quote that should be considered, including: Settlement/Closing Fee, Title Search Fee, Lien Search Fees, and Government Charges. We stand by to give you the best title insurance quote in Florida. We match any written competitor quote and are here for you when you need us! Read up below for a description of the promulgated rates for Florida title insurance.

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Rates for Owner, Leasehold, and Mortgage Title Insurance

The following are risk rate premiums to be charged by title insurers in the state of Florida for the respective types of title insurance contracts:

From $0 to $100,000 of liability written $5.75 – per thousand
From $100,000 to $1 million, add $5.00 – per thousand
Over $1 million to and up to $5 million, add $2.50 – per thousand $2.50 – per thousand
Over $5 million and up to $10 million, add $2.25 – per thousand
Over $10 million, add $2.00 – per thousand

Common Endorsements Required by Lender for Mortgage Title Insurance

If you are taking out a loan to purchase property, your lender requires certain endorsements that provide additional protection from loss. Below is a list of these common endorsements you should expect to see on your closing statement:

  • Florida Form 9 – 10% of the sum of all title policies
  • ALTA 4 – If home is a Condominium
  • ALTA 5 – If home is in a Planned Unit Development
  • ALTA 6 – If mortgage is Adjustable
  • ALTA 7 – If home is Manufactured Housing
  • ALTA 8 – Environmental Endorsement – all $25.00 minimum each.